ColoNET - TP A1 Anteil Prof. Schlag

The project P8 represents the central interface between ColoNET consortium and clinical reality. The Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (Director: Prof. Dr. P. M. Schlag) has taken the task to provide an optimized, interdisciplinary, diagnostic and therapeutic clinical platform for oncological (translational) research. This new structure guarantees a rapid uniform (histopathological and molecular) characterization of patients. Success and response of treatment are assessed and documented according to uniform criteria. The CCCC maintains and optimizes a tumor bank from where certain tissue can be made available for clinical and scientific projects. As part of the consortium, the project ColoNET P8 provides medical expertise in the field of colorectal cancer. This includes support for the projects P9i n text-mining, P6 and P15 with respect to the models and treatment regimens. In the Schlag working group genome-wide gene expression profiles were generated from colorectal cancer. These data, together with P16 are the basis for ColoBASE and serve as a starting point for modeling in P6 and P15. In the course of the project, tumors and patient data are collected and documented in terms of their treatment histories.
Head of Project:

Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Michael Schlag
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Department of Surgery and Surgical Oncology, Robert Rössle Clinic CBB
Tel. 450 56 46 22
Fax 450 56 49 60
Begin/End of Project:

03/2009 - 10/2012
Funded by:

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

Jürchott K, Kuban RJ, Krech T, Blüthgen N, Stein U, Walther W, Friese C, Kie basa SM, Ungethüm U, Lund P, Knösel T, Kemmner W, Morkel M, Fritzmann J, Schlag PM, Birchmeier W, Krueger T, Sperling S, Sers C, Royer HD, Herzel H, Schäfer R. Identification of Y-box binding protein 1 as a core regulator of MEK/ERK pathway-dependent gene signatures in colorectal cancer cells. PLoS Genet. 2010 Dec 2;6(12):e1001231.