Application of biometrical methods in clinical research and practice

Members of the staff of the Institute of Medical Biometry provide scientific services in the field of statistical consultations for medical doctors and other scientists which are involved in clinical studies. First of all such a statistical foundation plays an important role for the scientific quality of the research projects. Furthermore, a statistical foundation of the projects is demanded by scientific authorities and (in clinical trials) by law. Parts of consultations are the common discussion of medical problems (problem analysis), the foundation of the statistical tasks, the classification of adequate methods and the description of the suggested solution. Finally the results of the statistical analysis will be discussed and interpreted. As a rule the development of the problem s solution needs the preparation of statistical knowledge (state of the art) in the corresponding area of statistical methods mostly connected with the evaluation of special statistical software. In many cases the problem solution is not possible with standard software. In this cases new approaches or modifications of well known methods must be developed (inclusive programming for the computer).
Head of Project:

Univ.Prof.Dr. Klaus-Dieter Wernecke
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Institute for Biometrics and Clinical Epidemiology CBF/CCM
Tel. 450-562161
Additional Member of Project:

Siebert, Küchler, Wegner, Schink, Cammann, Thümmler
Begin/End of Project:

01/2004- 12/2004
Funded by:

Universitäre Forschungsförderung Charité