Etiopathology of osteochondrosis dissecans (O.D.) - morphological analysis of defect and regenerate

Etiopathology: ostochondrotic lesions (O.D.) represent stage dependent aseptic osteonecrotic areas with preference of the underlying subchondral plate involving the deep layer of hyaline cartilage. Pathological mechanisms remain unclear but are discussed multifactorial. Juvenile swine joints are predisposed for occurrence of O.D. because of an insufficient attachment of the subchondral bone to the deep layer of hyaline cartilage, the occurrence of mononuclear cells and chondrocyte clusters. Finally cartilage degeneration - chondrocytic chondrolysis- is upcoming. Research aim: Simultaneous occurrence of degeneration and regeneration of hyaline cartilage with respect to the swine joints are examined. Material and methods: in pilot projects swine cadavers and especially knees and ankles - as a consequence of the collaboration with other research groups at the Charite - are directly post mortem taken to the Orthopaedic Lab for histology and immunostain. Aim is the analysis of collagen synthesis and its distribution in defect and regenerate zones. Future: general improvements in understanding pathomorphology of O.D. are expected. Results could directly involve further investigations in Tissue Engineering in the field of cartilage research.
Head of Project: Monika Schulze
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Department of Orthopedic Surgery CCM
Tel. 515050
Fax 566946
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Primäre Arthrosegenese
Additional Member of Project:

Prof. Dr. med. Neidel (Orthopädie), Prof. Dr. med. Krenn (Pathologie), Dr. vet. med. Meissler (Tierexperimentelle Einrichtungen)
Begin/End of Project:

01/2003- 12/2003
Funded by:

Universitäre Forschungsförderung Charité

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